Dr Diederik Gelderman

BVSc, MVS, MT-NLP, TAE Cert IV, Practice Management Cert IV

The Essential Details

Diederik has a passion for people, pets, rapid learning, the environment and helping the underprivileged.

Yes – Diederik has a diverse background (see below) and one may even say, an impressive resume – SO WHAT?

As you can see, Diederik has a very broad range of experience and skills and has had the opportunity to work with, present to and train all manner of professionals, CEOs of large and small organisations, entrepreneurs, groups, not-for-profits, and students from school, college and University level.

What this means to you is that he is known for bringing out the best in others, personally, professionally and in their business as well as helping build transformational lives. He has the experience and the skills to help you do that also – both for you personally and/or your team.

Diederik is passionate about and committed to helping you harness the amazing opportunity and opportunity that improved non-verbal communication brings.

Diederik can design an event, private coaching, small or large group workshop or speaking presentation tailored specifically to what you want to achieve.

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More Details About Diederik

From very early on, Diederik had a passion for helping people and pets. Hence it was only natural for him to enter the field of Veterinary Science, graduating from Sydney University in 1977 with first Class Honours.

After rapidly transforming a struggling one-man veterinary practice in to a burgeoning multiple award winning regional veterinary hospital, Diederik began coaching other veterinarians in 2004.

At around the same time he started working with a diverse range of small and large business (over 350) both from a team as well as a management and leadership training perspective. These included; an airline, bakery and educational franchises, advertising and accounting practices, veterinary and medical wholesalers and manufacturers.

As well Diederik has help coach, mentor and train numerous private individuals who have come to him for personal development and leadership development as well as stage presentation and public speaking training. 

Diederik is passionate about helping people develop and build their businesses as well as themselves.

He has worked with and presented to both small and large groups (private and business) in South Africa, the United States, Australia and Europe.

He was a Board Member of the AVAPM (2007/2008) and the AVBA (2008-2017) as well as being president of the AVBA in 2015-2017.

He gained his Masters Degree in Veterinary Science (1996), his TAE Cert IV in Practice Management, his TAE Cert IV in Training, was voted as Australian Veterinarian of the year by Business Publications Australia (1999), his practice won the AVA/Pfizer Practice Of Excellence Award (2004) and he was certified as an NLP Master Trainer and Coach in 2005.

Adding to his already broad range of both verbal and non-verbal communication strategies and techniques, he was certified as a Body Language Trainer by The Science Of People in 2017.

Currently Diederik lives in Exeter, NSW, Australia with his partner Jennifer, 10 dogs, 4 cats, a donkey, 3 horses (all rescues), 5 cattle, 4 alpacas, numerous geese, ducks, chooks, peacocks, pheasants and a number of rescued birds. You can see why they need their 10 hectares!

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