We found the experience thoroughly enjoyable and motivating. Diederik was able to engage and assist us in understanding what was being conveyed through concurrent clarification and an appealing tone. The presentation was interactive as well as factual which further cemented what we learnt. Tim, Claudia and I all feel as though what we learn will be extremely applicable in our field of work from improved communication with our clients to better collaboration with members of the team. We are interested in further developing our knowledge and skills in the future and would highly recommend this experience to anyone who feels as though they would also benefit.”

Georgia Deer – Novati Consulting Engineers


“I’ve¬†sought out Diederik to work with me on a one to one basis as I was wanting to improve my public speaking skills. Diederiks knowledge of body language not only helped me look and feel more confident when presenting but it has also helped me in everyday situations as well (and has even come in handy when I’m on dates!). I highly recommend Diederik as a trainer, not only is he knowledgeable in body language but he is also great fun to work with!”¬†

Michele Elmas – Dynamic Business Women