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What are your eyebrows saying


Today, a really quick tip.

How do you show someone that you’re interested in them or interested in what they’re saying? Well, the trick is an eyebrow-raise.

The eyebrow-raise

When you raise an eyebrow, or both eyebrows (when someone else is talking), it signifies to them that you’re interested in what they’re saying.

And, if you really want to impact this person even more and show them that you’re even more interested super interested in what they are saying…. as well as raising an eyebrow, just lean in towards them very slightly.

At a conscious level, that person may not, and probably will not, see or realize what you’re doing, but at an unconscious level, they will most certainly see that eyebrow raise and see that lean in.

This shows the person that’s talking that you’re interested in them, interested in what they’re saying, and therefore, naturally, they’re going to like you more, trust you more and respect you more.

This is a super effective strategy and also it’s super-easy to learn how to do this and add it in to your communication armoury.

There’s another side to this coin as well.

If you are speaking (to one person or to an audience or even a large group) and if YOU want to emphasize an important point…

… let’s assume that you’re a teacher in a classroom situation, or a lecturer at a university or something along those lines….

  if and when you want to emphasize a point, you can do, and should do, exactly the same thing. – raise an eyebrow!

This places a ‘line’ under what you’re saying and emphasizes it to your audience.

An eyebrow raise indicates to the person who’s listening that there’s something important here, there’s something important and I’m telling you to listen more closely by raising my eyebrow; it means that something important is coming out of my mouth.

And then the ‘lean-in’. As a speaker, learn to use the ‘lean-in to achieve exactly the same thing.

Learn to watch for the raised eyebrow and look out for that lean-in.

And learn to use both those strategies yourself – with volition!

  • If you’re a teacher, a lecturer, or even if you’re just having a conversation with someone and you want to emphasize what you’re saying, then raise an eyebrow, raise two eyebrows and lean in slightly.
  • If you’re someone that’s listening to someone else and you want to show empathy and show that you understand them and you’re on the same page and that you’re really listening well, you’re truly interested in what they are saying, then an eyebrow-raise and leaning in achieves exactly that.

Today you learned some new skills and strategies. It’s now up to you to practice these strategies to cement them into your neurology.

I’ll catch up with you on the next video.

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