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Would you like to be ‘seen’ as a true leader, would you like to be the most charismatic and memorable person in the room and how about making that happen without having to say a thing.

Do you know that your ‘body language’ (the way you use your body) accounts for up to 93% of your communication?

Are YOU using your body to maximum effect and are you achieving maximum impact with your ‘biggest’ communication tool? I would hazard a guess that your answer is “No”!

Let me help you to;

Discover the Art of Confidence, Influence and Power Through Body Language.

Stand out from the Crowd

Be the most Memorable and Charismatic person in the room

  • If you’re ready to be the person whom people naturally follow
  • If you’re ready to be the person whom others look up to with respect
  • If you’re ready to be a person of real influence
  • If you’re ready to be memorable, charismatic and magnetic

then this training is for you.

What you’ll learn:

  • The science of body language and the foundations of reading the face, the body and the voice.
  • The art that goes together with the science.
  • How to apply both of these quickly and easily.
  • How to be memorable and magnetic when you walk into a room, in front of a group or onto a stage. Become a natural, gifted speaker and communicator, no matter the type of event, the time or the place.
  • How to interview; both as the interviewer and the interviewee. Know exactly the message that the other party is sending, irrespective of what they actually say – hire ‘right’, every time. And ensure that you send exactly the message that you want to.
  • Strategies to use on the phone which will ensure that you have ‘Phone Power’ and excel at using this medium.
  • How to win at ‘Shark Tank’. There are documentable and replicable skills and techniques used by the successful contestants. Become a master of influence and negotiation, learn how to use and apply these skills in your business life. Let ‘them’ know that you mean business.
  • A two-minute ‘power pose’ technique which switch off your stress hormone, switch on you power hormone and instantly give you feelings of strength, leadership and certainly.
  • How to avoid using body language which makes you look and feel weak, lacking power and someone who can be taken advantage of.
  • Skills which will make you masterful at networking events and function, including having an elevator pitch that people love listening to and one which will gain you many new connections and sales.
  • Skills for developing instant bonding, rapport and long term relationships with clients.
  • How to become a ‘Human Lie Detector’. ‘See’ what they’re REALLY saying. Read the message behind the mask, no more deception by staff or clients.
  • And lots more

Body Language is a SCIENCE and therefore learning and using it is measurable and gives measurable results. At the workshop, as you learn new skills and hone and fine-tune existing ones, you will be able to accurately track and measure the progress that you make. No more guessing or theorising.

We all know the importance of making a good ‘first impression’. That first impression has already been created BEFORE you’ve said your first word. Are you maximising your opportunity to maximise YOU first impression? At this workshop, I’ll share how you can do so.

Since this is a ‘workshop’, you will be working on learning and applying new strategies and techniques as well as improving on existing ones. You will see the results immediately.

The word ‘apply’ is KEY. You will be performing exercises to cement the new learnings into your brain and into your neurology.

You will leave with new skills in place and existing ones upgraded; therefore, you’ll walk out a different person to the one who walked in.

Examples Of Some Practical Exercises

  • If you work in an industry where you need an elevator pitch… Your elevator pitch will be recorded both at the beginning and towards the end of the training. You’ll be amazed, surprised and blown-away by the differences you’ll see. 
  • At some stage, we all feel a bit ‘down’, tired, washed out and lose confidence and presence. Did you know that ‘power posing’ (holding a particular stance), for just a few minutes is enough to lower cortisol, the stress hormone and increase testosterone the alpha hormone? Quickly you’ll feel strong, confident and like a leader.
  • Are you a ‘teacher’, do you ever present to groups – small or large. Learn to ‘wow’ them by making use of the ‘halo effect’ Power body language does that for you. You’ll practice these strategies and quickly discover how much higher your ‘audience’ will rate you. 
  • Touch (you touching them or them touching you) causes the release of oxytocin (the hormone of connection, connectedness and happiness) in both the person doing the touching and the person being touched. You need to benefit from this effect with everyone you meet. Learn the science of how, when and where to touch to get maximum impact, outcome and effect for both parties.
  • *Aside: you can also make use of the ‘oxytocin effect’ when speaking to groups, from stage and on the phone. You’ll learn exactly how to make this happen.
  • Become a human lie detector. People don’t always say what they really feel but they always show it. The body leaks the truth, the feet never lie and the voice also gives the lie away. This is a fascinating skill that will be valuable in every area of your life. You’ll get plenty of time to practice this skill!

We spend SO much time thinking about WHAT we are going to say. We’ll write it out, practice, rehearse and sometimes even role play….

Bur – we rarely if ever, think about HOW we’re going to say it.

When you discover that;

  • 60% to 93% of the massage that we send and receive is non-verbal
  • The accompanying non-verbal signals are 12-13 times more powerful than the associated words
  • In a two-person, 30-minute conversation, over 800 non-verbal signals are exchanged

Then you start to understand just how insane it is not to use body language with volition and to the ‘max’. We need to practice HOW to say things as well as WHAT to say. In fact, we need to practice the HOW, much, much more……!

If you are ready to be a winner and to be the most memorable and charismatic person in the room.

If you are ready to maximise your ability to communicate and to influence, then the ‘Mastering Body Language’ workshop is for you….

It will be a great weekend; I look forward to seeing you at the next training.

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